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We adopt a circular economy business model that promotes reuse, extending product life and reducing the use of new materials.  We not not only source devices, we audit them, securely erase all data and then go on to repair and install new software, which makes them ready to donate or sell affordably.



Devices Sourced

We take surplus tech from organisations either through purchase or donation.

Audited & Assessed

Each device is logged, audited and its condition assessed.

Secure Data Erasure

All data is securely erased to HMG Infosec 5 Enhanced standard, with full certification by serial number, complying with GDPR and protecting against data breach.

Repair & Install

Devices are repaired and refurbished, with software installed, ready for safe onward plug-and-play reuse.

Donation or affordable resale

Depending on how the device was sourced, we arrange for it to be sold affordably, or donated to one of our charitable partners, to help those in need.

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