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We help you to get the most out of your laptop donations by fixing or replacing broken components, making sure all data is securely erased, they are safe, and the device is plug-and-play ready for the person who needs it.



Laptops repaired and ready to use

GDPR compliant - all data erased

Guaranteed safety - all malware removed

New Operating Systems installed

Video Testimonial


I would just like to emphasise again how grateful we are for your support. Having a bigger screen to use for our online English classes and mental health support groups really makes such a difference to our clients and I know that the devices have really improved their experiences of joining these calls, so thank you so so much. "

Ily Di Vincenzo

Digital Inclusion Project Co-ordinator,

Conversation Over Borders

How we can help you

If you are concerned about the security of your data and you have tech that you wish to donate, we can help.

  • Secure data erasure of all data-bearing devices on or off site with certification by serial number

  • Failed drives are degaussed securely and a certificate of data destruction by serial number is provided

  • Secure collection, door-to-door 

  • Detailed inspection report of all items collected

  • Donated by” stickers added to devices 

  • Onward shipment to receiving organisation available

We look forward to helping you take part in the drive to get surplus tech to those in need by enabling safe onward donation.

Business Meeting

Companies, Councils or Government Organisations


Charities, Schools,

Foundations, Organisations or Clubs

If you have collected laptops that need to be made safe and plug-and-play ready, we can help.

  • We can maximise the number of laptops you can donate by repairing and refurbishing so more devices reach those in need

  • Replacement of cracked or broken screens

  • Secure data erasure of devices

  • Hard disk drive and battery replacement

  • Installation of operating systems

  • Replacement chargers

​We look forward to helping you safely provide devices to those in need.

Laptops being delivered to Netherhall School

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