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The Coronation of King Charles III

Tomorrow will see the Coronation of King Charles III. Due to the very long reign of our late Queen Elizabeth II, for a large part of the population this is the first Coronation we will witness. It will be an historic event steeped in pageantry and centuries of tradition.

King Charles has lived all of his life in the public eye, and is the longest serving Prince of Wales in our history. For most of his life King Charles has been a vocal advocate of looking after our environment and sustainability, long before such concerns had reached the general public and the extent of the climate crisis became widely recognised. There is no doubt that he has made a very positive contribution to sustainability and has led by example in both his public and private life.

As well as his advocacy of sustainability, King Charles has also been extensively involved in charitable work, and is president or patron of 19 charitable organisations, most of which were founded personally by him. These cover education, opportunity, the built environment and responsible business. Back in 1976, he founded The Prince’s Trust to champion disadvantaged young people in the UK, and it has now supported over 1m young people.

At our ethos is to promote sustainable reuse of IT equipment to help as many of the digitally excluded as possible get online and benefit from the opportunities this brings in our increasingly digital world. This is very much in line with the values of King Charles, and we are delighted to work with The Prince’s Trust, refurbishing their legacy tech and getting it out to those in need. So far our work with The Prince’s Trust has provided more than 600 devices for digital inclusion, covering the homeless, education, refugees, disadvantaged children, and the elderly, and at the same time saving needless CO2 emissions, e-waste and the use of scarce raw materials.

We wish you all a great Coronation weekend, and look forward to the continuing reign of King Charles III, confident that we have a Sovereign who will do what he can, within the constraints of our constitutional monarchy, to further the causes for which he has already done so much.

Paul B Gregg 05/05/23


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