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Join the Sustainable Digital Inclusion Revolution TM

New Year, new opportunities

We begin 2024 happy with what we have so far achieved, but very aware that there remains a lot of work to be done.  We have already managed to reach 5855 people with devices for digital inclusion up to the end of 2023, working with 90 different charities and delivery organisations, while saving more than 9,700 kg of e-waste and over 1.25m kg of CO2 emissions. We aim to scale up our impact this year, working with more companies and charities to reach many more people in need.

A growing problem to be addressed

Digital exclusion is a blight on people’s lives, and with each year that passes, a lack of digital access becomes a more serious problem.  More and more of our simple daily interactions are moving online, and this makes the digitally excluded increasingly disadvantaged every year.  Our world is looking very uncertain this year, and the number of people in need only looks set to increase. We are resolved to do something about this, and in a sustainable way that also helps our environment, at a time of global climate emergency.  We work closely with businesses and other organisations to handle their surplus tech, promoting sustainable reuse and delivering devices to help people in need escape the blight of digital exclusion.

Completion of our rebranding

We will shortly complete the rebranding of our solutions under offering 4 data-secure, sustainable solutions, covering devices, server and networking.  All our solutions promote digital inclusion and sustainability. Please contact us to find out more and use your surplus tech for both social and environmental good in 2024.

Learn more about our work

As well as visiting our website to get more information, sometimes it helps to hear personal stories to understand how your surplus tech can make a real difference to people’s lives. Get Synergised is releasing a podcast called Sustainable Tech for Social Good this week that showcases our partnership with It Takes a City, a charity working with the homeless in Cambridge.  We will post links to this as soon as it drops  – please listen in and learn how sustainable tech is having a real impact for good.  And we also provide Digital Inclusion and Sustainability reports to the businesses who work with us, showing the positive social and environmental benefits from the reuse of your tech.

Join the Sustainable Digital Inclusion Revolution!

We are looking to expand what we do in 2024, working with more businesses to scale up the number of people we can help, as well as our environmental impact for good.  We are already doing more work in both the North West and the South West, and will continue to increase our work in Cambridgeshire and the Home Counties.

Please make a New Year’s resolution that won’t end in the month of January!  Visit our website and become part of the Sustainable Digital Inclusion Revolution in 2024 - together we can achieve great things this year!

Sue and the SustainableTech4Good Team 


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