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International E-Waste Day – How your business can play its part

Tomorrow (14th October) is International E-Waste Day, which serves as a platform for raising awareness about the e-waste issue. E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the UK, and studies show the UK to be one of the top producers of e-waste per capita globally. believes that sustainable reuse is the best way to avoid e-waste, extending product lifecycles and avoiding the need for further extraction of scarce raw materials, as well as saving significant amounts of CO2 at a time of global warming.

We work with businesses to handle their tech that has become surplus after IT upgrade or relocation. We provide secure collection, audit, data erasure with full certification by serial number, and sustainability and digital inclusion reporting.

Our solution repairs and refurbishes legacy tech for donation to our partner charities to address digital inclusion, and purchases current tech, and server and networking equipment from business for sustainable resale though our Laptops4Change site, where for every 10 devices sold, we donate a device to one of our partner charities to further extend digital inclusion. Businesses can use the revenue to fund their IT upgrade or their own CSR programme, while ensuring their surplus tech avoids becoming e-waste.

Our solution has already saved 9,040kgs of e-waste, and over 1.15m kgs of CO2 emissions, while helping 5,393 people with devices for digital inclusion. Please consider joining us and using your surplus tech for social good, while helping reduce the problem of e-waste. Get in touch today!

Paul Gregg 14/10/23


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