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Digital Inclusion through Sustainable Tech ~ Sustainable Tech 4 Social Good, bridging the digital divide.

Since 2020 we have been taking redundant tech from our business partners, making it sustainable and getting it out to those in need.

· 5,044 people helped to benefit from digital inclusion

· 8,597 kgs of e-waste saved from landfill

· 1,179,416 kgs of CO2 emissions prevented

We have worked with more than 80 different charities and delivery organisations to get devices to the digitally excluded, covering such areas as the homeless, refugees, vulnerable adults and children, education and the isolated elderly.

All devices are securely data erased to Infosec standard on and offsite, with full certification, and refurbishment is handled in-house by our experienced engineers.

Please Contact to make your redundant tech sustainable and available for reuse.


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