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A really lovely thank you from Kathryn Gardiner

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

A really lovely thank you from Kathryn Gardiner from Mind Mosaic Counselling & Therapy. We are delighted we were able to donate one of our datawiped, refurbished laptops.

We are continuing to help as many businesses, councils and schools as possible supplying refurbished laptops, PCs, various IT equipment and essential IT services, including phishing and security, so they can manage their teams and clients from home and to enable children to continue their education from home which many children are still lacking..

Our offer in refurbishing and reselling equipment remains more than relevant during this time as businesses continue to ensure continuity and continues to need extra technology.

Additionally there is still a huge need in the education sector with many disadvantaged children still lacking the IT equipment they need on a daily basis to study and not fall behind their peers.

If you have any old / out of use / in need of repair IT equipment, please let us know. We enable you to reuse and redeploy this equipment to your teams, or alternatively it can be donated to schools in need.

Here to help, please get in touch.

Stay well. Stay safe.


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