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400 Ukrainian Families in Cambridgeshire supported by CRRC & L4L

Through the solution to provide Sustainable Tech 4 Social Good, Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign have supported 400 Ukrainian families across the County.

The City Council Communities Team estimates that around 500 Ukrainians have arrived under Homes for Ukraine visas in the City and a further 800 in South Cambridgeshire with smaller numbers in East Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire & Fenland, totalling around 2000 for the County.

The devices donated have been of huge benefit in their integration, language learning and job seeking, also keeping them connected with their loved ones in Ukraine and with the wider Ukrainian community in the UK.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Education has announced that Ukrainian children who have gone abroad must continue with online studies if they are not to be held back when they eventually return to Ukraine.

These devices have made this possible so that Ukrainian children now have the benefit of both British and Ukrainian systems.

Huge thank you to all that have made this possible.


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