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World Mental Health Day 2023

Today is World Mental Health Day, which is being used to encourage people to talk about mental health and let them know that it is OK to ask for help, whatever they are going through. The Mental Health Foundation identifies families, young people, people with long-term health conditions, and refugees and asylum seekers as being among the groups most affected by mental health problems.

Good mental health is essential to overall well-being, and isolation and uncertainty are known negatively to impact people’s mental health. Digital inclusion is necessary to make sure that people do not suffer from mental health inequality - digital access can be vital for when in person meetings are not possible. It also gives people the means to communicate and access other vital services, which are so important to certainty, stability and maintaining good mental health.

At we support a wide variety of needs with digital devices across the groups identified by the Mental Health Foundation. We very much hope that our work helps contribute to good mental health, because no one should have to suffer poor mental health due to digital exclusion.

Today is a good time to talk about mental health and remove any remaining stigma to speaking up and getting help. Does someone need your support today?

Paul Gregg 10/10/23


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