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Laptops4Learning Pioneers in digital exclusion since 2020

Join us in our mission to address digital exclusion

Our record

At Laptops4Learning, we have a proven track record of getting devices out to the digitally excluded since 2020 and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, working with a network of partner organisations and charities and delivering more than 4300 devices so far.

Urgent needs

There is so much more work to be done, particularly with the backdrop of the cost-of-living crisis now in full swing, which threatens to undo a lot of the good progress that had been made in extending digital inclusion. As ever, it is the disadvantaged who suffer most when crises hit. With the pandemic, the move online was accelerated, leaving those without access at even greater disadvantage. With huge energy bills, even with Government assistance, and inflation at a level not seen for many years, it is those with the least resources that suffer most. If you already have to buy the lowest-priced items, there is no trade-down available to help cushion the impact of inflation on your household budget. In these circumstances, buying a digital device will be out of the question.

Yet we know that digital access brings so many benefits in terms of education, communication, access to services and shopping. It is a cruel irony that the most disadvantaged could get the most benefit from online access, yet are excluded from it, compounding their disadvantage and perpetuating their lower life chances.

We are also in situation of climate emergency, with climate change threatening the lives and livelihoods of many, and no one is able to escape its impact. Our circular repair and reuse model makes companies’ IT refresh strategies sustainable, saving CO2 emissions, eWaste and the extraction of precious raw materials. As expert repairers, we get maximum yields from the tech we collect, breaking down non-working devices for spares and ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Our service and expertise

To enable us to increase our vital impact, we need to hear from companies with surplus tech to help us end the blight of digital exclusion on people’s lives, and be kind to our planet. We provide:

Purchase of your surplus tech – giving you money back for your IT upgrade, or to support a charity of your choice

Secure collection at your convenience

Full audit of equipment provided

Secure data erasure, to HMG Infosec 5 Enhanced, with full certification by serial number, carried out by our tech company, experts at data handling since 2011 and covering you against data breach concerns

Information back for your CSR with details of who has been helped by your surplus tech

Call to action

With our technical expertise in data handling and repair, and our proven track record of getting help to those in need, by working with us you can make your surplus tech both sustainable and working for social good

Get in touch today and be part of our mission to end the blight of digital poverty on people’s lives.

Laptops4Learning – Sustainable Tech 4 Social Good - please read our 2021 Impact report

Sue Gowling 02/12/22


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