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Laptops4Learning Cumbria

Having previously received a generous donation of laptop bags from Cumbria County Council, Laptops4Learning is delighted that we have now received more laptop bags from the Council, which significantly enhance the laptops that we distribute for social good.

We are very keen to extend the Laptops4Learning solution within Cumbria to help make a real difference to the lives of the digitally excluded. We have now set up Laptops4Learning Cumbria to bring a focus to this work and are looking to engage further with the County Council and local businesses to get surplus tech out to those in need within Cumbria.

Our sustainable repair and reuse solution has already seen more than 4,300 devices distributed for social good, while saving over 7,300kgs of e-waste and 920,000kgs of needless CO2 emissions. Our proven track record demonstrates the impact for social good that that businesses can make in their local community, while being sustainable and kind to the environment.

With the cost-of-living crisis having a significant impact on people’s lives, it is more important than ever to ensure that the disadvantaged do not suffer further from digital poverty. Online access is essential to improve life-chances, enabling full participation in education, access to services, communication and shopping. Help us build on the donations from the Council - get in touch today and let’s make a real difference in Cumbria.


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