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How to help Ukrainian Refugees with your surplus tech devices.

Helping Ukrainian refugees with tech

We are now more than a month on from when Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. We have all watched this unfold in media reports and been shocked at the callous targeting of civilians. It is little wonder that this has produced a refugee crisis on a scale not seen in generations, and as the war continues, this can only worsen. As refugees flee with only what they can carry, and often with nothing, digital devices are essential for them to have any chance of keeping communication with their loved ones, from whom they have been separated, and to engage with services as they try to rebuild their lives.

People and companies in the UK are looking at ways that they can help. At Laptops4Learning, we are working with organisations to get tech to refurbish for use by Ukrainian refugees, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

For companies who wish to donate, we offer a full audit of equipment, and secure data erasure of any storage to HMG Infosec Standard 5 Enhanced, with full certification by serial number, removing any concerns about data breach and GDPR. Our expert repairers get maximum yields, and equipment beyond economical repair is broken down for spares to further increase the number of devices available for refugees. All devices are made plug-and-play ready, with a fresh operating system and charger included. While there is a nominal charge for this service, most companies have other surplus tech, such as servers, networking equipment, printers etc. that we can purchase to create a contra, making your donation cost-neutral and possibly giving you revenue back.

Reusing tech in this way is sustainable, reducing e-waste and CO2 emissions, while getting help to those who need it most. Please get in touch to see how we can help you to make a difference to the lives of those who have had to flee from Ukraine.

We also work with organisations to take donations of laptops, tablets or mobile phones from the public to help refugees, again securely data-erasing, repairing and refurbishing them ready for use by refugees.

We are currently working with Councillor Ron Mushiso, who is organising collections of tech from the public and businesses in Chiswick, in the borough of Hounslow, to help Ukrainian refugees. We already helped in the borough last year to make donations of laptops ready for use by children unable to attend school during the pandemic. The collection point, at Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre, Chiswick is open daily, so please get down and drop off your tech to support this very important cause. -


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