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Get Online Week 2022

Get Online Week 2022

This is Get Online Week 2022 – an annual digital inclusion campaign run by Good Things Foundation. It aims to help people get online and improve their digital skills, with events being held by community organisations to offer people support and resources, and to motivate them to learn more.

We are increasingly aware of the necessity of digital inclusion to enable people fully to participate in our increasingly digital world. More and more services, or the means to access them, are moving online, and while this trend has been in place for some time, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated the process. Education, communication and so many other day-to-day activities require online access. The benefits are clear, but the digitally excluded find themselves without access, and the disadvantage they suffer increases.

At Laptops4Learning, we focus on the provision of sustainable devices to those in need, so far enabling almost 4000 individuals get access to digital devices Digital inclusion depends on three strands coming together – access to digital devices, data/connectivity, and digital skills to use access effectively.

We are part of the Cambridgeshire Digital Partnership (CDP), which works to end digital inequality in Cambridgeshire. As part of Get Online Week, CDP is running #CambsDigiWeek 2022, a series of free online events and workshops focusing on digital skills. This is a must for anyone interested in the delivery of digital inclusion, and it is not too late to register for events on the link below.

Together we can work to end the blight of digital exclusion on people’s lives.

Sue Gowling - 18/10/22


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