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Earth Day 2022 Invest in our Planet

Today is Earth Day 2022, and the theme for this year is Invest in our Planet. There is an increasing urgency to take action on the climate crisis, and although we had the focus at COP26 in Glasgow last year, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the current war in Ukraine understandably having dominated the news, any initiative to push the Climate emergency back up the agenda is to be welcomed.

The organisers of Earth Day 2022 are positive in saying that there is still time to solve the climate crisis, but they strongly underline that the time remaining is short. A partnership between businesses, governments and individuals, with everyone accepting accountability will be required. Ultimately this is an investment in our own and our children’s futures.

Yesterday, Sir David Attenborough was awarded the United Nations Environment Programme’s Champion of the Earth Lifetime Achievement Award. He has been at the forefront of raising awareness about climate change and this award is very well deserved. In his comments after receiving the award, he also sounded a note of optimism that people had got together before and saved the extinction of whales and “If we act together, we can solve these problems”. The key to solving the climate crisis are the actions of each and every one of us, and of every business, backed up and supported by government action.

For businesses, ensuring sustainability is essential. The shift from disposable to reusable must continue, and products, in particular consumer electronic goods, need to be more easily repairable and have longer life cycles. At Laptops4Learning, sustainability is at the core of everything that we do. We take surplus tech after upgrade from companies and organisations, repairing and refurbishing it into sustainable tech ready for reuse for social good. As expert repairers, we achieve maximum yields, breaking down items beyond economic repair for spares to further increase yields and ensure that we #LeavenoTrace. We also take away the worry of data breach, providing secure data erasure to HMG Infosec 5 standard Enhanced, with full certification by serial number.

Our TechAid UK solution brings together businesses and charities to enable sustainable and social good. It enables charities to highlight urgent local needs to businesses, and businesses to engage positively with their local community, and make a real difference to people’s lives.

Be kind to the planet and make your IT refresh programme sustainable, saving CO2 emissions, e-waste and the extraction of scarce raw materials, while helping those in your local area suffering from digital exclusion receive much-needed devices to engage in today’s increasingly digital world.

Please get in touch with us on this Earth Day and play your part in addressing the climate emergency, while enabling social good in your local community.


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