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Aspirations for 2022

We begin 2022 with excitement and anticipation as to where our Laptops4Learning journey will take us next.

A solid foundation on which to build

We start off the New Year with a solid foundation

on which to build and bring about more social good. During last year our work expanded from getting devices to children for education, to include family and early intervention services, homeless, adult learning and refugees. We are proud of what we have achieved, but are very conscious that there are many more areas where people’s life-chances are being blighted by digital inequality. We have already worked with more than 35 charities, councils and other organisations to get devices out to those in need. We are constantly looking for more such organisations to help us continue our work and we look forward to expanding this number massively in the coming year.

A sustainable way forward

We are also proud that our work is bringing about environmental good, with our sustainable circular economy model ensuring maximum reuse and so far saving 489,000kg of CO2 emissions, 3.2m litres of water, and 2.75m kgs of the earth’s scarce resources. Moreover we have also prevented 5,370 kgs of e-waste. At a time when we all need to be looking at how we can help the current climate emergency, refurbishing tech for reuse for social good should play a major part in our response. As we expand our work with Laptops4Learning, so we aim to triple our environmental impact in 2022.

Helping you bring about environmental and social good

We want to work with many more businesses and organisations in the coming year, helping you to use your surplus tech for environmental and social good. We sanitise all data-bearing devices to HMG Infosec 5 Enhanced standard, providing full certification by serial number, covering data breach and GDPR concerns. We get maximum yields and ensure that your IT refresh strategy is both helping the environment and your CSR. The more organisations we can work with, the more environmental and social good we can bring about. We are already beginning 2022 with some major new agreements to handle surplus tech, enabling us both to sell sustainably and affordably, and to make many more donations of tech to those in need.

Challenges and opportunities

As our work with Laptops4Learning has expanded, so has our awareness of how widespread are the needs presented by digital inequality. This means significant challenges ahead as we try to meet as many of these needs as possible, however the opportunities for businesses and other organisations to get involved are also huge. We need to grasp these opportunities and work together to meet the challenges of tacking digital inequality. Please contact us to see how we can either help you make your surplus tech work for environmental and social good, or get devices out to you to help those you know who are in need.

We want 2022 to be the year when Laptops4Learning massively scales up its impact on digital inequality and on helping address climate change. We cannot do it without your help, so get in touch and make a real difference this year.


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