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1,009 Devices Distributed in Cambridgeshire addressing Digital Inclusion is delighted to announce that we have now distributed 1,009 devices addressing digital inclusion within Cambridgeshire, working with 45 different charities & delivery organisation.

As well as delivering social good, our sustainable reuse solution is also kind to our environment, which is vitally important as we see growing problems caused by climate change all across the world. Our work for social good in Cambridgeshire alone has saved 1,453kgs of e-waste and 215,926kg of CO2 emissions, while nationally it has saved 8,748kgs of e-waste and more than 1.1m kgs of CO2 emissions.

We offer a sustainable, data-secure solution that supports CSR objectives. We donate legacy tech through our charity partners to support digital inclusion in Cambridgeshire, and we purchase higher-end tech for sustainable resale through our Laptops4Change site, where sales support further donations of tech through our charity partners.

While 1,009 devices delivered is a significant milestone, it is merely a staging post on a much longer journey – the needs in Cambridgeshire are very great and we look forward to meeting more of them as we continue our work for social good.


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